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South East Mallorca Property – The Mallorca Property Finders


South East Mallorca Property provides a personal property finding service for buyers from the UK covering all aspects of finding and buying property in Mallorca (or Majorca if you prefer the English spelling) . 


We specialize in finding property in south east Mallorca particularly around the coastal areas of Cala D’Or, Cala Egos, Porto Petro, Porto Colom and Cala Figuera, in inland villages such as Calonge and in the countryside surrounding Santanyi, Alqueria Blanca, S’Horta and Felanitx.


Working closely with reliable, experienced agents here in Mallorca, we can offer you assistance in all aspects of buying a property, relocating, working, buying a car, finding a business, letting your property and maintaining property if you are not here in person.


We can arrange reputable lawyers, banks, mortgages, architects, builders, plumbers and any other services you require.


Although we are based here in south east Mallorca, we can also act as a  property finder for other areas of  the island if required.


About Me


I had been planning to relocate to Spain for a long time and had spent several years searching for property and suitable areas to live on the mainland before coming to south east Mallorca for a holiday in Cala D’Or just over 2 years ago. My idea of Mallorca before this visit was of concrete high rises, club 18-30s and lager louts but most of Mallorca is not like this at all and I immediately fell in love with this area.  


I returned to Mallorca later that year, bought a house just before Christmas and subsequently moved myself, my furniture, my cats (and my other half) here. I can honestly say I have never been happier and my Spanish neighbours are very friendly, helpful and extremely generous. 


I have decided to set up this website and offer this property finding service to share my experiences with you and to help you achieve your dream of owning your own place in the sun here in Mallorca.


As a matter of principle I do not post property details on my site, the reason for this is that much of what you see online can be out of date or very misleading.


Pictures can be stolen from websites and advertised by unauthorised agents; pictures are posted for property that is not for sale or that has been already been sold. I have indeed found my own house still shown on a website at the price it was advertised at two years ago.


I prefer that you tell me what you are looking for and then let me act as a personal property finder for you by doing the ground work for you here in Mallorca, seeking out properties that meet your needs and then e-mailing you pictures and information of the properties for you to view in the comfort of your own home.


If you like what you see and arrange a trip out here to view, I will personally make all appointments for you, meet up with you and take you around the properties you wish to see. 


I am not interested in trying to sell the wrong property to the wrong person or to put pressure on people to buy. I am only interested in finding suitable properties for people who are genuinely interested in buying and I will provide a personal and honest service.


My aim as a property finder is to ensure that you the buyer are as happy with the property you purchase as I am with mine and to feel that you would use my service again or recommend it to others.


So whether you want a little place to escape to for yourself, your family and friends, an investment property for rental income or a permanent home, let me act as a property finder for your ideal place in the sun here in Mallorca, let me help guide you through the process of buying and relocating and let me share this little corner of paradise with you.