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Mallorca - Island Of Dreams 


Mallorca has been a retreat of the rich and famous since the 19th century. Chopin and his lover George Sand lived here for many years and poet and novelist Robert Graves set up a centre for writers here during the 1930s and invited guests such as Alec Guinness, Peter Ustinov and Ava Gardner to his island home. Its current roll-call of celebrity home owners includes Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta-Jones, Boris Becker, Andrew Lloyd Webber, supermodel Claudia Schiffer and the Spanish royal family.


Mallorca enjoys a temperate, Mediterranean climate. Summers are hot, although gentle island breezes prevent temperatures becoming too excessive. Winters are mild, although snow on Mallorca’s mountains isn’t unknown. Most rainfall occurs in the autumn and although rain here is not that frequent, when it does fall it can be torrential - this does however, help keep the landscape green and the reservoirs well stocked (unlike the UK, there is no chance of a hosepipe ban in Mallorca this summer!).


Mallorca’s capital Palma is a sophisticated European city and fast becoming a popular mini break destination in its own right.


Occupying a seafront location, Palma is vibrant, modern yet unthreatening city which has managed to retain its old town, its culture and charm.


Palma Cathedral is probably the city’s most prominent landmark while the views from Bellver Castle are stunning.


Palma’s tree lined avenues contain an array of fashionable shops and boutiques as well as first class bars and restaurants.


There are also a number of theatres, concert halls and cinemas including several showing films in the English language.

Mallorca's infrastructure is excellent, improved in recent years through good use of EU regeneration funds and wise spending by local government. Palma’s large and modern airport is served by low cost airlines such as easyJet, bmi baby and Air Berlin which makes Mallorca an easy all year round destination to reach from the UK, with a flight time of just over 2 hours. There is a motorway system connecting Palma to the north, west and south east and a good network of roads covering the whole island. Mallorca has first class amenities such as healthcare and schools.


The Mallorcan property market has been booming in recent years and is one of the healthiest in Europe. With strict building regulations in force to prevent over development, it is expected that prices will continue to rise and when taken into account with the buoyant holiday rental market on the island, Mallorcan property can be considered to be an excellent investment.


South East Mallorca


Mallorca is known as the “Jewel of the Balearics” and the south east region is a relatively undiscovered and less developed gem. Unlike some areas of Mallorca, particularly around the Bay Of Palma, south east Mallorca is generally unspoilt by the ravages of mass tourism and strict regulations ensure that new building is in keeping with the natural surroundings.  


In winter the south east enjoys on average 5 hours of sunshine a day and temperatures often climb to 19c during the daytime and then fall back to around 5c at night.


Such mild winter days make perfect weather for exploring the countryside, walking, cycling or  playing golf at the excellent course at Val D’Or with its stunning views and fairways lined with pine trees. 


Spring arrives early here and blossom appears on the many almond trees in the area towards the end of January covering the countryside in beautiful pink and white blossom.


As the almond blossom fades the fields and roadsides are awash with vivid colours as the wild flowers bloom, the most beautiful of which are the wild poppies.

Summer is of course the holiday season with tourists filling the bars and restaurants. Summer days here enjoy on average 10 hours of sunshine with temperatures rising to the mid 30s during July and August with sea temperatures rising to a very pleasant 26c. The coastal areas offer safe swimming and a full range of water sports. 


Here in the south east, you can still find the real Mallorca and indeed, time seems to have stood still in the small villages of the surrounding countryside and along the coast. Picturesque coastal towns such as Porto Petro and Porto Colom have managed to maintain their character and the idyllic charm, and the natural harbour of Cala Figuera is a stunningly picturesque spot.


Spain is the land of fiestas and south east Mallorca is no different.


On various weeks of the year in one of the towns or villages of the area there is a festival of some kind with events, entertainments and all the locals out on the streets and squares partying with their neighbours. Often a huge paella is prepared which is big enough to feed the whole town.


The fiesta of the Three Kings on the 6th January celebrates the arrival of the Three Kings or Wise Men in Bethlehem bearing their gifts for the baby Jesus and is traditionally the day when Spanish children receive their Christmas presents.


All around the area processions take place with “the Three Kings” arriving by sea at various coastal ports and proceeding through the towns and villages of the countryside handing out the presents to the local children.


At around 45 minutes drive from the airport, south east Mallorca offers natural beauty combined with excellent facilities and a wonderfully relaxed lifestyle. It is truly an all year round destination and is a great place to holiday, a great place to live, a great place to retire to and a great place to set up a business and work. All in all, it’s a just a great place to own a home!